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Kriya Samadhi Yoga

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Your Heart Knows the Way

The key to enlightenment is knowing the mystery of why and how it is that suffering manifests and then learning through meditation and self-enquiry what needs to be done so that the discomfort resolves and becomes well being, inner peace or happiness.

In deep meditation you can enter a state of pure loving stillness where you feel completely free.

This state of being or feeling attunement called Samadhi causes you to see who you really are; the beautiful eternal deathless unchanging Self existing in total freedom beyond space and beyond time at the center of all things created and uncreated.

This practice is called Self Realization the spiritual purpose of human life.

All Enlightened Spiritual Masters, Saints, Self-Realized Siddhas and Yogis have used meditation to successfully navigate this process.

Why Kriya Samadhi Yoga? 

The Kriya Samadhi Yoga teaching is comprised of 4 secret meditation techniques which use your life force as the vehicle for entering into ever deeper meditative states which ultimately lead to Samadhi.

Kriya Samadhi Yoga meditation has been used since ancient times by Self Realized Spiritual Masters, Saints, Siddhas, Mystics, Druids and advanced Yogis to achieve Enlightenment.

This practice can lead to greater happiness and real inner freedom.

This teaching is highly recommended for yoga students who want to deepen their knowledge of the least understood limbs of Ashtanga Yoga; Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

Who is teaching Kriya Samadhi Yoga?



Jaananda has been practicing Kriya Samadhi Yoga meditation and Self Enquiry for more than 50 years. His awakening began when he had a direct encounter with the Silent Immortal Sage Mahavatar Mahamuni Babaji in 1971.  Babaji showed Jaananda that the truth of existence or that which we are seeking; the secret of life is felt and therefore can be known.  As a result, Jaananda dedicated his life to Kriya Samadhi Yoga practice.  Jaananda lives and teaches Kriya Samadhi Yoga in Europe and sometimes remotely using Zoom.

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